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Carmooch’s image
Carmooch 6 months, 2 weeks ago

The new second generation #BMW X3 has arrived sporting a new, grown-up look!

out of 100
As a suburban family taxi, the X3 xDrive30d is well-suited to the job provided you can hurdle the sticker price. Although it packs more straight-line performanc... Read more at The Motor Report

"My goal was to create for the all new BMW X3 a 'dramatic vibrancy' of light and shade emphasising the form and definition on the surface with new bold X-ness."...

"As a designer, I've always been greatly inspired by natural occurrences, such as ice floes. Translated to the interior design, a volume concealed beneath a sof...

out of 100
A decent-sized BMW SUV giving all-wheel-drive without paying stupid money, though watch out for costly options. It does the job of luxury family wagon and will ... Read more at

out of 100
The X3 is a finely-built car and a superb drive. It's a huge leap ahead in both quality and refinement over the model it replaces, and is a great addition to BM... Read more at The Motor Report


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