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Let me start by saying that this car is not mad, it's a stark raving lunatic with a Jekyll and Hyde personality it's capable of running 5 sec or under for the 0... Read more at Wayne Lancaster

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After a week in the Chrysler 300 SRT8 I didn't really want to give the car back I could easily see one parked in my driveway next to my Captiva and Gordy the As... Read more at Wayne Lancaster

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The 300c Luxury really impressed me a lot during the week a lot more then I thought it would, The V6 engine is wonderful has plenty power is very tractable and ... Read more at Wayne Lancaster

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George Skentzos 1 year, 2 months ago

Amazing photos for the launch of the new #Chrysler 300C SRT8 Core edition which has been priced at $56,000 to avoid the LCT.

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The new Chrysler Voyager is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor, which was clumsy, thirsty and unreliable. On looks alone, the new Grand Voyager picks up ... Read more at Car Advice

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Can the Chrysler 300 be more than just a fad car? That’s the challenge facing the US brand’s most important model as it arrives in Australia in new-generation f... Read more at Car Advice

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The Chrysler 300 Luxury scores highly for its impressive equipment list, comfy ride and outstanding diesel engine. It loses points however for its lacklustre tr... Read more at The Motor Report

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An old favourite with more refinement and finesse looks like a winner for Australia. It's not as responsive as the HSV cars, but more punchy than the FPV Falcon... Read more at

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Look out Falcon and Holden, the gangsta is back on the streets. The biggest single improvement on the 300C is an eight-speed automatic, a first for any American... Read more at

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It’s a simple case of mathematics. The 300C SRT8 is such a huge bargain, it’s like a barn-find without the dirt, straw and chickens Read more at The Motor Report


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